Recipes from nature


One cup of matcha latte contains as many antioxidants as 10 cups of green tea. Don’t wait any longer to try this recipe!

Ingredients: Almond milk - 200ml, Matcha powder - 1 tea spoon, Maple syrup - 1 tea spoon

1. First use a little bit of warm milk to dissolve the matcha powder. This will help to prevent lumps from forming in your matcha latte. Next, whisk vigorously back and forth in a "W" shape until the powder is completely dissolved (about 40 seconds).

2. You can heat the rest of the milk in the microwave or in a small saucepan. Ideally, you should not heat the milk above 70°C.

3. Pour the milk into a cup. Then add the maple syrup. Finally, add the matcha mixture. Enjoy!

To go further… Depending on the season, don't hesitate to test the iced version. All you have to do is start the recipe by filling your glass with ice cubes! 

Did you know? Be careful not to boil your almond milk to avoid the bitter taste of your matcha latte.


With just two ingredients, make a richer, more nutritious and creamier almond milk than you’ll ever find in a supermarket.

Ingredients: Almonds - 250g, Water - 1l

1. Soak your almonds overnight in a bowl of cold water. If you don't have a lot of time, about 4 hours in hot water may be enough, but it's better to leave them for 8 to 10 hours.

2. In the morning, drain the almonds, rinse them in cold water, add them to your blender with 1 liter of filtered water and blend, blend, blend!

3. Using a strainer, filter the liquid in a bowl, taking care to squeeze well in order not to leave any milk.

To go further…Feel free to use the remaining almond pulp to make another recipe, such as biscuits or crumble.
For a sweeter version, you can add a little maple syrup or some dates.
You can also replace your water with coconut water! 

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Want to boost your desserts, ice creams, cocktails...? Try the lavender syrup!

Ingredients: Water - 5l, Sugar - 750g, Lavender - 40g

1. In a saucepan, pour the water, sugar and lavender. Bring to boil while stirring until the sugar dissolves.

2. Simmer for about 2 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and let the syrup infuse for about 30 minutes.

3. Filter the syrup to remove the lavender and pour into a jar. Close tightly for long storage or place in the refrigerator for immediate use.

To go further… You can use your syrup to roast fruits, such as apricots, which are excellent in pies.

Did you know? Lavender is used all over the world.
In India it is appreciated in hot milk infusions. 


For a fresh and floral drink, let’s innovate with the lavender lemonade! 

Ingredients: Lemons - 6, Limes - 1, Lavender syrup - 75ml, Sparkling water - 1l, Lavender - a few sprigs, Ice

1. Squeeze the fresh lemons and limes and pour the juice into a large pitcher. Add the sparkling water. Keep in the fridge if necessary.

2. Just before serving, fill the glasses with ice. Pour the lavender syrup and then the homemade lemonade.
Garnish with a slice of lemon and a sprig of lavender and/or fresh mint.

To go further… Don't hesitate to use the remaining lavender seeds or sprigs to make beautiful, colorful ice cubes that will add an original touch to your lemonade.

Did you know? Calming & soothing, lavender has many benefits. This plant promotes healing of various ailments such as sleep disorders, burns and aches.
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Thanks to these ingredients, you have an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and full of vitamin C infusion. Enough to boost you all day long! 

Ingredients: Water - 1/2 l, Thyme - 1 sprig, Verbena - a few leaves, Rosemary - 1 sprig, Lemon - 1 half, Honey - 1 tea spoon

1. Put the rosemary, verbena and thyme in a saucepan, add half a liter of cold water. Bring to boil, turn off the heat and leave to infuse for 3-4 minutes.

2. Strain the herbal tea through a fine strainer, serve in a large cup, add a dash of squeezed lemon juice and a tea spoon of honey.

3. Stir and enjoy hot!

To go further… Don't hesitate to use verbena in your cocktails. Just use the infusion as a base and then add a little rum, lemon juice and sugar! You know what to do then...

Did you know? Also known as "witch grass", verbena was already used as a medicinal plant thousands of years ago, by the Romans and the Celts.  It was then used to concoct love potions as well as to ward off bad luck.


Peach and Verbena, the perfect duo! Make your spring detox water that will be refreshing and fruity. No way to get tired of it!

Ingredients: Peaches - 2, Verbena - few fresh leaves, Still water

1. Wash, stone and slice the peaches. Put them in a transparent pitcher.

2. Put a few leaves of fresh verbena in the pitcher and fill with still or sparkling water, then leave to infuse for several hours in the fridge.

3. Serve cold, sweetening to your liking and remove the herbs and fruits if you wish. 

To go further… Use ripe fruits so that their fragrance diffuses more quickly.
Don't hesitate to let it rest overnight in the fridge for a sweeter taste.

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