A behind the scenes look at Almond Milk Concentrate

For its 40th anniversary, L'Occitane is retracing the roots of its greatest products. After revealing Divine Cream's Corsican origins, it's now time to uncover the secrets behind our Almond Milk Concentrate. Let's take a closer look at this emblematic body cream and its luxurious scent of the South. 

By Mélissa Darré


The return of Provence's symbolic tree

Renowned since ancient times for its fruits' softening and smoothing properties, the almond tree is a key part of the Provençal landscape. First to blossom, the trees adorn themselves in February with a delicately scented white veil, as the orchards continue to sleep. The flowers herald the start of Spring, before giving way to beautiful soft green shells, the nut of which is bursting with useful cosmetic properties.

Yet at one time the almond tree all but disappeared from the region. Threatened by the mechanisation of agriculture and the expansion of more profitable crops, it gradually began disappearing in the 1930s. In the 2000s, the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region pioneered an initiative, supported by L'Occitane, to get this symbolic tree back to its rightful place in the Provençal landscape.

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A commitment from local producers

It was on the Valensole plateau that this project first came to life in 2002. At an altitude of more than 700 metres, a vast area cultivated by two brothersreintroduced almond tree farming to the area. Today, no less than 15,000 almond trees have been successfully planted.

From harvesting to shelling, not forgetting the sorting and pressing of the fresh almonds at the plant oil mill, all the necessary ingredients for a profitable industry have come together. It was this quality and traceability that charmed L'Occitane into creating a whole new skincare range.

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Developing the ultimate soft texture

Combining smooth, creamy oil with meltingly soft almond milk, this formula has the ability to both strengthen and soften. Its secret? A luxurious, almost addictive fragrance. Like covering skin with a satin-smooth veil, Almond Milk Concentrate hydrates for more than 48 hours, while at the same time smoothing, firming and restoring the skin's natural density.

From the fields of Provence to your favourite L'Occitane store, rediscover the creamy texture of one of the brand's bestsellers!

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